Vidimax TV

New slick user interface for Vidimax set-top box. It plays digital HD content on your big screen TV

Vidimax delivers digital content to your HD TV screen via internet connection. You can purchase from vast catalog of films or play your own movie. All films are dubbed in Russian, but you can chose original audio track with subtitles.

We have designed new fancy user interface for this project. First we created numerous sketches of menu structure, wireframes and remote control:

Then we put all those ideas into solid package of UI templates:

We would like to thank Pavel Rebrov for participating in this project.

  • В ролях:
  • Менеджмент:
  • Аналитика:
    Alina Zotova
  • Проектирование:
    Alina Zotova, Phil Smirnov
  • Дизайн: Phil Smirnov
  • Верстка: Natalya Bulanova